Keeping Canada beautiful and clean is the obligation of all its citizens.

Active in Canada has a relatively small carbon footprint, and we believe that no matter your business size, you have a responsibility to manage it appropriately.

Some of our programs include:

Travel Reduction

Active International promotes a flexible work policy that allows our employees flexibility in working from home and working hours. The impact of our commutes on the environment decreases, as well as decreased employee stress, increased productivity, and a better work-life balance.

With Microsoft Lync, increased teleconferencing continues to reduce the number of trips our employees make to vendor, client, and Active offices. Using technology will allow us to simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint while maximizing our productivity and connectivity.

Consumption Management - Paper and Printing

Active has recently invested in new technologies in our Canadian office to increase our printing efficiency. Digital faxing and double sided printing will allow us to reduce our paper consumption by our target of 10% over the coming year. As a company, we are dedicated to reducing waste in the office and are working towards a culture and environment that relies less on paper each year.

Responsible Waste Management

In choosing to operate in a Cadillac Fairview office building, we have aligned ourselves with one of the most sustainability-focused commercial realtors in North America. Cadillac Fairview’s waste reduction, energy efficiency, and green-waste programs provide Active with the knowledge that we have made an environmentally-responsible decision in our choice of office space.