Active Cares: Social

Both as a business and team of people with heart, Active International has a moral obligation to give back to the communities where we thrive.

Food Banks Canada

Active International Canada’s official Corporate Charity is Food Banks Canada – an essential partner in the Canadian community to support hunger-reducing initiatives. Hunger is a worldwide problem, starting in our own backyard. Over 93,000 Canadians accessed food banks in 2012, many of them children.

In a time where demand for food is at an all-time high, our goal is to help increase the amount of food donated to Canadian food banks, and provide support through cash, food and media donations, as well as volunteer work. Since 2013, Active International has donated approximately $380,000 worth of food to Food Banks Canada.

Employee Charity Contribution Matching Program

A great corporation is made up of great individuals, and our employees each have charitable interests that are near and dear to their hearts. Active International promotes a contribution matching program, where Active will match an employee’s fundraising or donations up to $250 per year.