Our team members represent a diversity of talents, skills, experiences and professional disciplines.

Our business culture is the foundation of our success and the reason we have become one of the top media buying agencies and corporate trade companies in Canada and around the world.  We believe that when a remarkable team comes together, the possibilities are endless.   

In Canada, our employee satisfaction rates are 91%, and we are a proud finalist for the Employee Recommended Workplace Award. Our business culture has played a huge role in this achievement.


Our Cultural DNA:

  • We are dedicated to long-term partnerships
  • We’re passionate about solving problems that generate measurable results.
  • We set high standards for our customer experience.
  • We embrace innovation, and seek liberation from business as usual.
  • We favour quality over quantity.
  • Everyone works in sales, marketing and customer service.
  • We protect our culture, and are selective about our peers.