A shared vision company wide.

“What really stands out to me is the existence of a shared vision that permeates company wide.”

Active provides a ton of growth opportunity.

“My first job out of college was Media Assistant and I have over the year grown into my current role as Director of Client Solutions."

Respect and leadership starts at the top.

“Active Canada is a unique company, and I believe it’s because of that, that we attract such amazing talent and great people."

An amazing culture.

“Active’s culture was one of the main characteristics that I found extremely appealing when applying for my position.” 

Outstanding work life balance.

“The work/life blend philosophy means that I don’t have to choose between a great career and important family moments."  

I love our culture club.

“I love being involved with the culture club.”


I'm encouraged to give back to the community.

“It is wonderful to work along such a great a group of smart, passionate and caring people.”