Outstanding work life balance.

Tanja Bessey, Strategic Parnterships

“A 91% employee satisfaction survey shows exactly what it means to be part of this team.   Satisfaction, for me,  begins with the team’s culture.  There is a distinct feeling of community in our Toronto office I had not experienced before Active.  No person is off limits, doors are actually always open and the people behind them open to new ideas.

I’m a strong believer if you’re not learning you’re not growing.  The uniqueness of the business model gives me the ability to work in many different ways.  My role challenges me every day, and I love it.  Being set up with the tools to learn and the freedom to explore has given me the chance to continually cultivate my professional and personal self.

Work life balance is extremely important to me - my family comes first for me and always will. Active’s work/life blending philosophy means that I don’t have to choose between a great career and important family moments. I have the flexibility finish my presentation and still join the game of “hockey ball” with my son. I can build new partnerships without missing my mom’s birthday dinner.     

Support, growth and flexibility have all made my career with Active very rewarding."