Yes, you come to work to earn a living.

...but isn't it nice to feel valued, encouraged, and part of something great?  This is why, as the corporate trade industry's top media buying agencies, we make time to recognize and celebrate successes and milestones along our journey.

PROPS Program
We believe that recognition is the responsibility of everyone, regardless of title.  So we created PROPS – Peers Recognizing Other Peer's Success. It is a simple and popular way to publicly recognize anyone in the company for going the extra mile to make the Active experience great (and as a bonus, you get to win monthly prizes).

Employee Milestones
We owe no small part of our success to the longevity and experience of our workers.  Day-to-day, we go out of our way to make our teammates feel extra special on any milestone date– be it a birthday, upcoming wedding, baby on the way, or other special personal accomplishment.