Active international can claim many distinctions in the corporate trade field. None, however, is more valuable to our clients and trading partners than the deep experience of our employees.  This team fulfills Active's mission of creating value with every trade.

  • Scott
    Scott Miles
    Director, Client Solutions Bio
  • Kimberly Armstrong Presnail
    Kimberly Armstrong Presnail
    Kimberly Presnail
    Vice President, Marketing & Business Services Bio
  • mark small
    mark medium
    Mark Spencer
    Vice President, Strategy & Partner Solutions Bio
  • Andrew Bulmer active international
    Andrew Bulmer active international
    Andrew Bulmer
    SVP, Managing Director Bio
  • karin small
    karin medium
    Karin Macpherson
    Senior Director, Client Solutions Bio
  • arujan small
    arujan medium
    Arujan Ravindran
    Manager, Media Partnerships and Investments Bio
  • brad small
    brad medium
    Brad Gilliland
    Vice President, Business Development Bio
  • Gurjit small
    Gurjit medium
    Gurjit Bath
    Director, New Business Development Bio
  • mike small
    mike medium
    Michael Villeneuve
    Senior Vice President, Sales Bio
  • Luba Klochkova
    Executive Assistant and Office Manager Bio
  • Active Logo
    Active Logo
    Priscilla Karuniamulia
    Travel, Meetings and Events Coordinator Bio
  • tanja small
    tanja medium
    Tanja Bessey
    Director, Business Development Bio
  • James Holden
    Director, Merchandise Sales Bio