Active international can claim many distinctions in the corporate trade field. None, however, is more valuable to our clients and trading partners than the deep experience of our employees.  This team fulfills Active's mission of creating value with every trade.

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Kimberly Presnail
Vice President, Marketing & Business Services

Kimberly joined Active in 2012.  She currently leads the business services division for Active Canada (travel and events, research, and other non-media services), as well as all marketing, culture and corporate social responsibility initiatives.  She brings 14 years of integrated marketing and communications experience for organizations such as Allianz, Group 4 Securicor, Grand & Toy (OfficeMax Canada). She is passionate about building strong Canadian brands and specializes in transforming complex B2B value propositions into customer-focused stories through multi-media platforms.

Kimberly has previously volunteered for the Special Olympics Festival, and is an ongoing supporter of the Toronto Humane Society and Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.