Active international can claim many distinctions in the corporate trade field. None, however, is more valuable to our clients and trading partners than the deep experience of our employees.  This team fulfills Active's mission of creating value with every trade.

  • kari
    Karim Kanji
    Director, Social Media Strategy (iNvolved Media) Bio
  • christine ermen
    christine ermen
    Christine Ouellette
    Key Account Buyer Bio
  • arujan small
    arujan medium
    Arujan Ravindran
    Manager, Trade Partnerships & Investments Bio
  • Esther Tak
    Director Digital Media Bio
  • aa small
    aa medium
    Anne-Amor Nepomuceno
    Operations Manager Bio
  • Sara Presutti
    Media Assistant Bio
  • Nataly Khansryri
    Media Assistant Bio
  • Active Logo
    Active Logo
    Charles Bossy
    Media Assistant, Canadian Media Bio
  • Victoria McMinn Small
    Victoria McMinn Medium
    Victoria McMinn
    Key Account Administrator, Canadian Media Bio
  • lisa small
    lisa medium
    Lisa Attridge
    Key Account Administrator, Canadian Media Bio
  • Mimi Salviato
    VP, Media Bio
  • andrea small
    andrea medium
    Andrea Lloyd
    Senior Media Buyer Bio
  • dustin small
    Dustin medium
    Dustin Metcalf
    Lead Account Buyer Bio
  • christine small
    christine med
    Christine Lako
    Senior Key Account Digital Buyer Bio
  • Susanne Morello
    SVP, Director of Media Bio
  • brad small
    brad medium
    Brad Gilliland
    Vice President, Business Development Bio
  • beverly small
    beverly med
    Beverly Whyte
    Media Supervisor Bio
  • Denise Murray
    Key Account Buyer Bio
  • Active Logo
    Active Logo
    Lisa Demelo
    Freelance Key Account Buyer Bio
  • jodi small
    jodi medium
    Jodi Graham
    Media Supervisor Bio
  • Active Logo
    Active Logo
    Talisa Garing
    Digital Media Assistant Bio
  • joanne small
    joanne med
    Joanne Crump
    VP, Integrated Media Bio
  • Luke Lynett-Howes
    Media Assistant Bio
  • Hillary Nguyen
    Lead Account Buyer Bio
  • Ameerah
    Chelsey Bonser
    Media Manager Bio