Why should your agency want to work with Active?

The answer is simple: When your agency partners with Active International, you help your clients maximize the value of their excess assets.

That’s not all. Active trade credits represent an opportunity to expand the plans you’ve developed for your clients. That’s because trade credits can fund initiatives that are beyond the scope of their budgets.

How does your ad agency benefit from a relationship with Active?

Like any company, your clients are looking for ways to create efficiencies and squeeze more out of tight budgets. Corporate barter arrangements lets clients pay differently—with trade credits plus cash—for the media and marketing plans you’ve developed. These arrangement can benefit your agency in a number of ways:

  • In many cases, you can plan and fund incremental initiatives for your clients. When clients pay for a portion of their plans with trade credits, they can execute more marketing efforts.
  • In addition, companies today want business partners who can bring more to the table, complementing each other while keeping client needs front and center. Your agency can differentiate itself and have more value in the eyes of your clients by collaborating with Active to help them achieve their desired marketing results.
  • Trade credits can help you fund new programs that were off the table due to budget constraints. Using trade, clients can redirect the financial benefit toward other programs that are part of their strategies.
  • There’s also a real opportunity for you to use barter strategically to deepen your client relationships. By partnering with Active, you can connect your clients with a broad range of multi-platform marketing solutions that your agency may not offer.

The use of trade in business is expanding rapidly.

When your agency partners with Active, you’ll learn how to integrate corporate trade into your clients’ strategies and create exponential added value.