Our corporate trade professionals have worked with all manner of corporate assets.

In addition, we've been purchasing and reselling assets to maximize their value for nearly 30 years.

Consumer Product Inventory. We assist manufacturers, retailers, distributors and service providers in resolving excess inventory challenges and determining ways to use their assets opportunistically. Our experience spans more than 40 product categories, including:

  • HBA / HBC
  • Electronics / Computers
  • Retail / Restaurants
  • Food / Beverage / Liquor
  • Building Materials
  • Housewares/ Hardware
  • Entertainment / Toys
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Short-coded Product / Customer Returns
  • Apparel / Footwear / Package Changes
  • Retail Stock Lifts

Real Estate. Businesses, developers or real estate brokerage firms may have idle or distressed retail, office and industrial properties or vacant land. Active delivers liquidity, premium pricing relative to market value or lower cost of occupancy for:

  • An owned property or a portfolio of owned properties
  • Leasehold exposures (individual or in portfolios)
  • Lease buyouts or lease terminations
  • Environmentally challenged properties

Capital Equipment. Whether their capital equipment is going unused or is in need of upgrading, businesses can often recover value in excess of stated residual amounts when they work with Active. Our expertise includes:

  • Production machinery
  • Automation equipment
  • Data processing and communications equipment
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Transportation equipment, including auto fleets and corporate aircraft

Sponsorship Commitments. When a sponsorship isn’t achieving ROI goals, is no longer part of a marketing strategy or is simply too costly, Active can help an organization exit the obligation without impacting the sponsor relationship. In some cases we’re able to offer the sponsorship to our clients who can use their trade credits to offset the cost. By using corporate trade, one client exits a sponsorship and another client gains access to a program that was out of reach due to budget restrictions.

Gift Cards. Gift cards have become a valuable and effective tool for brands. They represent a significant revenue driver, especially during the heavy selling season. Active has a program that helps augment their benefits by using trade credits to purchase gift cards from retailers in bulk at face value. Active then distributes them through approved channels and provides media, travel, retail marketing options and other services in exchange for the credits.