As an ardent supporter of local, regional and national charities, we know how important community is to our clients.

Through our Active Cares program, established in 1997, we support 600 separate local, regional and national organizations.

The connection of corporate trade, travel and charitable donations may not be obvious at a glance, but Active International’s strength is its unique ability to create value through its trading model.

Over the years, Active Cares has donated many of our travel products to charitable organizations. However, we became aware of the need to do something more, based upon requests from our clients as well as the economy-driven contraction in donations from corporate America.

How the program works

Use corporate trade to support your charitable efforts. Active’s Charitable Donations Program applies our flexible trading model in a unique way. When you use a participating hotel in our travel portfolio, Active Travel will either:

  • Make a donation of up to 25% of the negotiated rate on your behalf to a charitable organization of your choice.
  • Or pay the money directly to your business so that you may make the contribution (and receive the benefits of the contribution).

There are no fees or commissions added on, and transactions are conducted identically to all other Active Travel bookings.