Seamless process. Zero compromise.

When working with a corporate trade firm, the media plan you develop with your agency shouldn’t change.  The relationship with your agency shouldn’t change. Your agency’s commission shouldn’t change.

In fact when dealing with a strong corporate trade partner, the only thing that should change is the use of trade credits.  

Your agency plays a critical role in the relationship as the mastermind of your media plan.  Active International takes lead from the agency and you to buy media according to your standards and objectives.

After working with hundreds of global brands, we know how to make corporate trade seamless for you and your agency.

1. DUE DILIGENCE: We engage with you and your agency to understand your goals; 2. PROGRAM DESIGN: Based on your goals, we recommend a strategy for the fastest retirement of your trade credits, aligning our process with yours; 3. REVIEW & APPROVAL: You and your agency review and approve our recommendation. No media is ever placed without this approval; 4. TRANSPARENT EXECUTION: Active places the agreed-upon media, including all value-added elements. We also provide post-buy recap and analysis to ensure goals have been met