Find growth opportunity hidden in your balance sheet.

We understand that revenue growth/preservation is a substantial focus for you, with risk management and cost cutting next on the list. Corporate trade finds opportunity within your existing assets; a strategic solution to tackle these challenges head-on.

Protect margins

Recover the painful write-offs associated with asset liquidation. Receive full book value through corporate trade.

Mitigate risk

Even the most successful companies can’t predict all market variables. Many leading companies around the world are planning for inventory risks using corporate trade as a safety net.

Reduce expenses

Trade credits are booked as a pre-paid expense, and can be used to pay for as much as 10-20% of an invoice through Active's trading partner network.

How it's applied is up to you

Some companies reflect the acquisition of trade credits as a corporate asset where the benefit is reflected at the corporate level, not at the operating level.

To motivate the operating divisions who will be impacted by trade credit usage, the trade credits’ economic benefit can also be shared with the operating division as a budget extension to effectively accelerate usage.