Trade credits can be a marketer's best friend.

The reality that marketers face today: when Corporate pursestrings need tightening, your budget is often among the first to be cut. You're also among the first to feel the pressure when sales are sluggish or competitive activity rises.

Many marketers are embracing corporate trade as a solution to meet these competing demands.

Stretch your advertising reach

If you're pressured to maximize product sales, corporate trade credits are an innovative way to stretch your budget by 10 - 20%.

Reduce costs without compromise

If you are charged with bringing savings to the table, corporate trade credits help to offset the cost of your media and retail marketing expenses by 10 - 20% without sacrificing reach.

Reduce the financial impact of brand changes

Whether it's a new logo or an expired promotion on product packaging, corporate trade helps you move old product without cutting into margins, while reducing the media expenses of your new branding over time.

Take your digital media further

Many smart marketers are now using corporate trade credits as cost effective tool to explore new mediums.

Be a strategic business partner

Corporate trade is a strategic solution you can bring to the C-suite table to drive short or long-term bottom-line performance objectives.