Trade credits deliver an average of 15% in cost savings.

As a procurement professional, you are tasked with ensuring your organization receives the best possible value for all business expenses. Price negotiation, volume discounts, and looking at the total cost of procurement are all approaches that have brought procurement to the forefront of Corporate cost-management.

Corporate trade takes an age-old practice that presents a new, innovative opportunity: bartering of your goods and services to reduce costs in other areas of the business.

Reduce key business expenses

Trade credits acquired through a corporate trade partnership can be used as a cash equivalent to reduce the costs on key business expenses - anywhere from 10 - 20%.

Recover painful asset write-downs

You work hard to get the best value for your company. Companies typically lose 60-70% in value through traditional inventory liquidation. It is usually an unecessary write-down, and can be recovered entirely through corporate trade.

Eliminate expenses through a cross purchase

In a cross purchase transaction, Active funds an unwanted expense (i.e. a sponsorship committment, or travel expense). In return, your business agrees to purchase a pre-determined amount of media / freight / travel / retail marketing through Active and our trading partners.

Be a strategic business partner

As procurement executives are challenged to find new cost-saving opportunities each year, corporate trade can be a strategic solution to explore.