Exceed EBITDA targets by working smarter with your resources.

Delivering EBITDA to company shareholders is your top priority.  In today’s competitive market, companies simply can’t afford to keep assets on the books that aren’t contributing to the bottom line. Everything (and everybody) needs to produce at a high level to ensure an organization’s continued success.  Corporate trade can help in many ways:

Higher returns

Corporate trade delivers higher returns, usually three times what an unwanted asset is worth in the liquidation market.

Recover painful write-offs

Corporate trade helps to recover write-offs on obsolete assets, restoring original wholesale value.

Reduce costs

Trade credits act as a discount against a wide variety of business expenses, including media and more.

Manage risk

Corporate trade acts as an insurance policy for situations that occur in the normal course of business: sales targets to be hit, product packaging is redesigned; weather is unseasonal; fashions evolve; consumer shopping patterns change.

You don’t need an asset problem

Companies without any asset problems whatsoever use corporate barter as a tool to reduce advertising expenses by trading in their first-line inventory in exchange for media trade credits.