Reduce warehousing costs and manage inventory risk through the supply chain.

Even the most successful companies and innovative thinkers can’t predict all market variables, leading to slow inventory turnover. Many leading companies around the world are planning for supply chain and inventory risks using corporate trade as a safety net.

Free up warehousing space

Slow moving inventory takes up valuable and costly warehousing space.  Corporate trade may provde to be a more cost effective solution to make room for new product.

Reduce 3PL freight and logistics expenses

Trade credits acquired from an inventory sale to Active can also be used to offset the costs of freight and logistics expenses.

Manage inventory risk

Excess inventory sitting in your warehouse incurs carrying costs and can ultimately spoil, causing you to take a loss on your books. Using corporate trade is one way you can not only recover that loss, but drive incremental ROI.

Be a strategic business partner

As a supply chain professional, you're constantly challenged with finding process efficiencies and are hard-wired to streamline. If slow-moving inventory is taking up costly warehousing space, it may be the right time to bring corporate trade as an innovative solution to the c-suite table.