A relationship with Active International can bring greater value, reach and efficiency to your marketing efforts.

That’s because when your company engages with Active, you can leverage an entirely new source of funding and expertise for your marketing “to do” list.

Through corporate trade, Active International provides significant financial value for your company’s excess inventory and other surplus assets. It’s value that you can use to advance your marketing efforts.

How can your marketing department benefit?

Marketing departments are often the recipients of the trade credits, and trade credits introduce flexibility and more options to your marketing efforts. They can:

  • Offset the costs of executing your existing marketing plans, particularly your media plans
  • Help you exit media or sponsorship obligations
  • Fund new marketing initiatives

Discover a new marketing partner.

Work with Active and you’ll connect with expansive marketplace resources and multi-disciplinary talent whose ideas can take your marketing to a higher level of reach and ROI. What’s more, you can choose from several ways to spend Active trade credits.