Fantastic Company Culture

Karim Kanji, Director, Social Media Strategy (iNvolved Media)

"I've been in the social media industry since the early days and have had the opportunity to work for startups, client side and agencies. There is no better work environment and culture that I have experienced than the one here at Active. From our Managing Director, Andrew Bulmer, on down to the newest media assistant and across all departments, the people at Active are some of the best I've ever worked with.

The Active team is made up of smart, passionate and fun people. We all work hard towards our transparent company objectives while also recognizing that a healthy work environment plays a huge role in ensuring success.

The Culture Club does an outstanding job of keeping everyone engaged. The senior management team has also created an environment that keeps me waiting for Monday to come around so I can come back to work. I know it sounds strange but this is the best place I've ever worked at."