The Bottom Line: A Corporate Trade Insider's Report

Learn how corporate trade can be applied to your business through our quarterly report.

Issue 1 - May 2013

  • Customer Spotlight:  Dan Hua, VP Marketing from Pinnacle Foods describes his success with corporate trade and advice for companies just getting started
  • How to accelerate the use of Trade Credits in your business
  • How you can use corporate trade to do good for the community
  • Company updates from Active International - videos, new faces and roles, partnership with Food Banks Canada

Business leaders across Canada are working towards a strong close to 2013, while building a solid 2014 foundation. Inside, you'll find useful ways in which corporate trade can help, including:


  • 3 Things advertisers need to know about the fall media season
  • Speed to ROI:  Using Trade Credits for digital media
  • Summer to Fall:  Corporate trade as a miracle cure for inventory hangover
  • Bonus download: New 2013 Television Programming Guide
  • ... and more