We say that you sacrifice nothing when you apply Active trade credits toward your media placement.

In fact, you can gain quite a bit if you recognize the advantages of opportunistic media.

More chances to build your brand, stretch your budget

Active’s Opportunistic Media team maintains a steady stream of premium late-breaking availabilities across all media, thanks to our many long-standing relationships with media partners.

Our media partners know that, with our extensive roster of clients holding trade credits, Active is able to fill their open media slots, preventing them from going unsold.

And many of our clients are eager to seize these opportunities for a host of reasons:
  • Trade credits allow them to purchase media availabilities that may have been beyond the scopes of their media budgets.
  • They’re able to communicate their branding or promotional message through a highly desirable, but previously unavailable, channel.
  • They retire more of their trade credits sooner.

Opportunistic media is a win-win-win for agencies, media providers and Active’s clients. To learn more, contact your Active account director.