It’s Active’s goal to create value with every trade.

To make that happen, we’ve joined forces with partners that bring specialized expertise to our clients.

Through a platform of specialized asset disposition groups operating on five continents, Hilco is the world’s largest remarketer of industrial assets. Hilco sells through on-site, webcast, online and sealed bid auctions as well as through privately-negotiated sales. Hilco has experience in virtually every industry classification, selling machinery, equipment and inventory found in all categories of manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution.

Through our relationships with major national commercial real estate brokerage firms, Active is able to provide greater market reach and exposure for our clients’ real estate holdings. The result, typically, is top-dollar barter value.

U.S.-based Ultravision International is a world-leading innovator in lower-cost, high-efficiency LED outdoor lighting and dynamic message displays (electronic billboards). Media companies, retailers and property owners in particular can use Active trade credits to obtain Ultravision International LED products.