Active International maintains an ongoing strategic alliance with Hilco.

How do you benefit from our partnership with Hilco?

Through a platform of specialized groups operating on five continents, Hilco helps companies, their advisors and their investors identify the value of tangible and intangible business assets. Hilco’s resources and capabilities augment and enhance those of Active. As a result, Active clients gain more flexibility and increased opportunities to realize a higher value for their excess or underperforming assets—along with more opportunities to retire trade credits.

Our strategic alliance encompasses all Hilco business units, but concentrates on:

  • Hilco Real Estate – monetization of industrial, commercial and retail properties, and large scale residential developments
  • Hilco Industrial – the world’s largest marketer of machinery, equipment and industrial inventory
  • Hilco Merchant Resources – the world’s largest marketer of retail and consumer products inventory covering virtually every category
  • Hilco Steambank – a leader in the monetization of intellectual property, including brands and patents

Hilco monetizes surplus and underperforming assets through on-site, webcast, online and sealed bid auctions as well as through privately-negotiated sales. Hilco can also purchase assets outright where immediate cash is preferred or required.