Ultravision International: A world-leading LED innovator.

In 2009, Active International entered into a partnership with Ultravision International, opening up an entirely new and groundbreaking barter choice to our clients.

Ultravision International is a U.S. developer, manufacturer and distributor of Light Emitting Diode (LED) billboards and signage for indoor and outdoor displays. Formed in 2006, Ultravision International has designed, engineered and installed more than 70% of the LED displays in New York’s Times Square—including the Guinness World Record holder for “Largest TV.”

The latest innovation from Ultravision International is Ultra Lites, a patent pending technology for outdoor LED lights. These outdoor illumination sources use up to 92% less electricity while covering greater area than comparable conventional lighting systems. In addition, they carry a 15-year warranty, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

How do you benefit from our corporate trade partnership with Ultravision International?

It’s simple: Active’s corporate barter partnership with Ultravision International can give your business another option for retiring trade credits—and a unique option, at that.

Media companies that purchase Ultravision International displays can reduce the installation, electrical and maintenance costs they incur with traditional static billboards. As they improve their bottom line profits, they’re also going green!

For retailers and property owners, Ultravision International Ultra Lites can distribute light for larger outdoor applications such as parking lots, retail stores, hotels and wall washers. Plus, significantly reduced lighting costs can result when Ultravision International Ultra Lites replace conventional outdoor lighting systems.