Turn insights into action.

Don't let market research short funding prevent you from optimizing your R&D potential.

active international partner hotspex market research

Through our trading partnership with leading research firm Hotspex, Active International customers can use trade credits to maximize their market research efforts.

Understand strategic brand opportunities
  • What is the best way to position your brand among competitors today?
  • Takes into account all of the "real" drivers of choice - emotional and rational
Generate breakthrough ideas
  • Brainstorming on steroids
  • The methodology involves thousands of your target customers in rapid harvesting and rating of new ideas simultaneously to evolve your brands, new product concepts and other innovations
Test and optimize execution
  • Helping clients create winning concepts, packaging and advertisements
  • This is done by testing and optimizing individual design elements, purchase intent, and visual impact
Maintain strategic direction
  • Monitor and maintain the strategic direction and equity of your brand.
  • Understand how recent changes to strategic brand positioning and executions have impacted brand perception and the competitive landscape

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