When you engage in corporate trade, you should expect the best possible value for your assets.

But just as importantly, you want to know that your brand image and distribution channels will be protected.

Whether your assets are inventory, real estate or capital equipment, Active’s dedicated Asset Reselling team is dedicated to achieving the dual goals of maximizing the financial value of your assets and safeguarding the reputation of your business. Our team has:

  • A broad range of distribution strategies at their command—in some cases, offering new distribution channels for your business
  • More than 20 years logistics, inventory and project management expertise to ensure that all aspects of the resale process are seamlessly coordinated and flawlessly executed

One simple, guiding principal: You approve every step.

Even with many channels at our disposal, we don’t make a move without your OK. Working with Active, you can feel confident that as we resell your assets into approved distribution channels, you’re maximizing your financial value and protecting your brand.