Understand the ins and outs of corporate trade.

These resources are designed to covers all of the important questions Canadian leaders are asking about corporate trade.

What every CEO must know before embarking in corporate trade

  • Is corporate trade really a strategic idea for my business?
  • How does corporate trade work?
  • How do I account for a corporate trade transaction on the books?
  • How can I guarantee a successul implementation in my business?
  • ..and much more

Primer:  The Bottom Line on Corporate Trade

What is corporate trade?  No matter your role in the organization, get the bottom line in this quick digest.  

  • What is corporate trade?
  • Where can trade credits be spent?
  • How corporate trade benefits Finance, Procurement, Marketing, Agencies, Sales and Supply Chain

eBook:  The 21 Most Common Questions (and answers) About Corporate Trade

Get answers to the most burning questions about Barter for businesses.

  • How does a transaction work?
  • Do I need to have obsolete inventory to use corporate trade?
  • What’s a Trade Credit?
  • Does a corporate trade company replace my media buying agency?
  • What happens to my inventory?
  • What quality of media can I count on?
  • ...and much more

eBook: Corporate Trade - 5 Canadian Success Stories

Examine real-life case studies from five leading companies that have used corporate trade to grow their bottom line.

  • a major food company trading its obsolete packaging for an incremental return of over $750,000
  • an industrial apparel manufacturer using their inventory to fund $1.2MM in freight costs
  • ...and more