Corporate trade (also called barter) can significantly improve your company’s business results.

But not all corporate trade firms are created equal. As you evaluate trade, here are some questions you should ask every barter firm:

  1. How long has your firm provided corporate trade services?
  2. How many people at your firm are dedicated to corporate barter?
  3. What experience do you have in my category?
  4. How do you integrate with agencies and other partners that my company already has in place? 
  5. How will your Account team interact with us for program implementation?
  6. How will you help us manage the use of trade across business units and/or countries?
  7. In how many countries do you operate?
  8. What is your communication process?
  9. How will you ensure measurable success for us?
  10. How do you manage inventory distribution to avoid market saturation and diversion?
  11. How do you value our assets?
  12. How and where do you sell our inventory, real estate, capital equipment or sponsorships?
  13. How many trade credits do you retire annually?
  14. What are your vendors or trading partners buying through you?
  15. How do you ensure that my benchmark rates are maintained in the trade process?

Corporate trade is our business—so ask us anything.

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