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Emerging digital, mobile and social media (DMS) channels are putting pressure on us all to develop new strategies for connecting with customers.  The opportunities and challenges this shift presents for advertisers have been well documented.  But it raises an interesting question - how are media companies dealing with these changes?

Active International (US) commissioned a research study to examine how media companies are evolving their business, inventory and pricing models to adjust to the shifting media landscape.  The report focuses on how media executives are adjusting their business models to accommodate the rise of new digital, mobile and social advertising channels.

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Business Travel within Canada is changing dramatically.  As Canadian organizations demand to do more with less, the rise of strategic procurement continues to put pressure on cost management.  As travel procurement managers, hotels and industry suppliers savigate through these changes, it is more critical than ever before to have a deep understanding of the new normal of business travel in Canada.

In this Hotspex Inc. study commissioned by Active International, uncover what today's Canadian business travelers expect from their hotel experience.  What are the top factors that influence the decision of one hotel over another?  What are the best opportunities for hotel owners, managers, suppliers and travel buyers?  Find out this and more more.

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