Active International has been improving business performance through corporate barter for nearly 30 years.

Looking at your challenges holistically, our strategic approach to corporate trade creates business “wins” for all parties involved.

Active invests & trades.

We make investments and trades in areas where our clients tell us they have the greatest needs: top-flight media, retail marketing and consumer activation, freight and logistics, and hospitality and meeting space.

Active strategizes.

What are your business goals? How can Active and our partners help you get there? Together, we develop a plan that delivers the best corporate trade benefit for you.

Active analyzes.

Using analysis and market expertise, we determine the fair market value for your company's assets. Our internal team has experience across more than 40 business verticals and multiple asset types.

Active recommends.

Based on market value, your goals and requirements, Active recommends a distribution and resale plan for your approval.

Active purchases.

When all parties agree on the terms of a corporate trade plan, we buy your assets typically at a price greater than fair market value, paying you with trade credits.

Active confirms performance.

Throughout our corporate trade process, we reconcile invoices against orders, provide proof of performance, and guarantee delivery in accordance with market standards.

Active delivers value.

Active’s trade credits give you the maximum value for your assets. We work closely with you to ensure that the services you purchase fit your needs and plans perfectly.