You know what
your assets are

We know how to
maximize their value

Your Assets Are:

  • On average, Active can deliver more than liquidation or fair market value.

    Corporate trade helps companies realize significantly higher value for their assets, and apply that value to business-critical costs.

  • Returned merchandise? Short-coded product? Outdated packaging? Surplus?

    Active works with Fortune 1000 companies to maximize the value of their excess consumer products inventory.

  • Whether you’re in a lease or have a property that you’d like off your books, Active can help you get more value.

    Our customized programs pay above-market prices for corporately owned and leased real estate.

  • Whether it’s a change in strategy or a change in budget, Active has helped marketers exit sponsorship obligations.

    Not only do we acquire the sponsorship from you, we do it in a way that lets you maintain your good relationship for future sponsorship opportunities.

  • Vehicle fleets, manufacturing equipment, even corporate jets. Active can move that capital equipment off your books.

    Better yet, corporate trade allows you to obtain better than liquidation value for it.

  • Gift cards are brand builders that consumers want. Active can transform their value into effective media.

    Through the purchase of your gift cards, we can help you expand your distribution and reach.

Offset Costs Of:

  • Using corporate trade, our clients reduce their cash outlays for budgeted expenses.

    It’s worth taking a look at how corporate trade can help you lower your costs for initiatives.

  • Active's trade credits let you pay less in cash for your planned media buys or give you the buying power to expand your reach.

    Our relationships with leading media providers ensures that you sacrifice nothing by using trade credits.

  • Active has helped brands reduce their cash outlay on planned experiential marketing initiatives and fund new programs that drive path to purchase.

    Active's retail marketing experts specialize in creating innovative and effective POP, pop-up retail, brand activation and other efforts.