You hear and read about “health and wellness” in the workplace all the time these days, and there’s a reason.

When you’re healthy, you’re more creative, you have more energy and you accomplish more every day.

Wellness at Active starts with your health insurance benefits, but it doesn’t end there.  Our employee-led Wellness Team promotes healthy lifestyles by raising awareness and motivating employees to make healthy choices and avoid risks. We call this initiative “ActiveFit” and it provides:

  • Ongoing information on staying healthy, getting into better shape, and understanding the difference that exercise and lifestyle changes can make
  • Incentives for exercise and participation in many other health- and wellness-based activities
  • Lunch and Learn” sessions covering various health issues and led by guest speakers with expertise in specific health-related topics
  • Lunchtime walks and weight loss programs
  • On-site flu shots and health-related screenings for conditions such as high blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels.

Through this ongoing initiative we approach health and wellness as a team—the same way we approach every challenge and opportunity at Active. And our efforts have been recognized by the American Heart Association, who has designated Active as a Fit-Friendly Worksite.