• Innovative way to get more media budget

    Pinnacle Foods Inc.faced the problem of trying to gain additional budget for their new advertising campaign. Learn how Corporate Trade helped solve them sell their excess inventory and gain media budget. 

  • Restore Value on Excess Product Inventory

    This multinational stationery brand restored value on their excess product inventory by trading up with Active. 

  • Active's creative solution enabled us to move the goods overseas... while delivering full wholesale revenues back to the company.

    Normand Rene, Corporate Director Supply Chain, Cascades
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  • Guarantee ROI on AD Campaign

    Trading up with Active helped this general retail department store guarantee ROI on an ad campaign 

  • Achieve higher ROI on advertising budgets

    A leading international travel brand leveraged Active's corporate trade solution to achieve higher ROI on advertising budgets.

  • Best way to maximize sponsorship value on a modest budget

    A North American restaurant chain leveraged Active Internationals media relationships to execute and receive strategic input to their advertising campaigns. 

  • Proactive solution to mitigate P&L risk

    This leading global chocolate manufacturer mitigated P&L risk by getting full value for excess inventory in trade credits and using these trade credits to reduce cost of media campaign.