Inventory Value Solution

Gain more value from excess inventory, slow moving product or redundant capital equipment.

In an intensely competitive marketplace, companies can often find themselves with excess inventory. These may be tying up capital or may even be facing write-down in value. Active's Inventory Value Solution restores 3X market value for the product, helping to avoid or re-cover a costly write-down. It also allows clients to use these assets to part fund future marketing activity.

You identify excess or slow moving inventory
 You let Active know of any caveats or conditions for re-marketing your products
 Active assesses the inventory, identifies a resale route and makes an offer in trade credits
 You confirm that offer and approve the most suitable resale route (often to buyers you already know and are comfortable with)
 Active pays you in trade credits
 Active's buyer (that you approved) collects the inventory from your warehouse
 Active works with your media agency and procurement department to spend the trade credits in part payment for advertising costs
 You realize the full value for the stock when you spend your trade credits

Download the powerpoint presentation to learn more: 
Inventory Value Solution