About Us

Active International is a commercial innovation company, with corporate trade at the heart of our business. We offer commercially agile media and asset solutions to help businesses Achieve More. We help companies innovate while they operate, so they’re always ready for what’s next.

What Makes Us Different

For nearly four decades, Active International has been a leader in commercial innovation; an original disruptor with the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup, and the capabilities of a global corporation. The breadth and depth of our talent and industry expertise is unmatched.

As an employee-owned (ESOP) company with offices in 14 countries, we answer exclusively to our clients and our employees - the fuel that drive the company.

Our independence ensures our clients always receive insights that are objective and conflict free.


Active Cares

It’s a privilege to be the biggest and best in the corporate trade industry, and we believe our leadership position comes with significant responsibilities to our clients and corporate trade partners, and to our employees and community. This is where Active Cares comes in - it is our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Active Cares represents our commitment to improving the quality of life at our workforce, as well as the local Canadian community. Through charitable contributions and volunteer service initiatives, Active Cares provides support to activities and organizations important to our employees, clients, and vendors. 


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