Corporate Social Responsibility

The Active Cares program is our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility. Active Cares represents our commitment to improving the quality of life at our workforce, as well as the local Canadian community.

SOCIAL: Giving Back to the Community

Active International has a moral obligation to give back to the communities in which we thrive.


Active Canada's official corporate charity is motionball, a not-for-profit organization that supports Special Olympians across Canada. Its focus is on getting young professionals involved in corporate social responsibility. Active's staff participates in a number of exciting motionball events throughout the year to celebrate with Special Olympians, while raising funds and awareness for the cause.


Food Banks Canada

Active has been a supporter of Food Banks Canada for a number of years. Active's goal is to help increase food donations, provide financial support, volunteer and donate food and media. Most recently, in 2018, Active Canada held an internal food drive and collected 1,400 pounds of food and necessities to assist the Food Bank.


Employee Charitable Contribution Matching Program

In support of each employee's causes that they are passionate about, Active International promotes a contribution matching program where we match an employee's fundraising or donations up to $250 each year. 

ENVIRONMENTAL: Keeping Canada Beautiful and Clean

We believe that no matter your business size, you have a responsibility to manage it appropriately.

Travel Reduction

Active promotes a flexible work policy that allows employees to work from home, this reduces our carbon footprint, employee stress and creates a better work-life balance. 

Consumption Management - Paper and Printing

Digital faxing and double-sided printing allow us to reduce paper consumption by a target of 10% each year.  

Responsible Waste Management 

We operate in a Cadillac Fairview office building, one of the most sustainability-focused commercial realtors in North America. 


GOVERNANCE: Continuous Improvement and Transparency

At the heart of Active’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a strong commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, and employee satisfaction.

Employee Health and Satisfaction

Active Canada is the proud recipient of a number of Workplace accreditations, which is representative of a healthy workplace.  Active also conducts an annual internal Employee Satisfaction Survey to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. We encourage comments and suggestions from employees at all levels of the organization, with results ranging from 92-94% over the past 3 years.