Meet The Expert

Kerwin Gouveia

Kerwin Gouveia is the VP, Media Activation for Active Canada. In this role, Kerwin is responsible for developing new relationships and forging new partnerships with media providers for Active’s corporate trade business. 



Kerwin has over 23 years of media investments experience working across a wide portfolio of clients. Over the last 8 years, he honed his craft in media investments within the corporate trade business model. His specialties include negotiations, tactical media executions, and analytics.

In the office, Kerwin is driven by the strength of uncovering business solutions for advertisers and building honest, trustworthy relationships with media providers. Having a positive attitude combined with a strong sense of responsibility, curiosity and self-motivation is what he thrives on.

Outside the office, Kerwin enjoys working with his hands; whether that be through a home renovation project, playing with his guitars, or writing music.